Suitable Candidates

Suitable Candidates for Lens Replacement Surgery


Discover more about the vision disorders that may be addressed with Lens Replacement Surgery. You can find more information on our FAQ page.

Pre-existing Hyperopia

If you are walking around with blurry vision which may be fixed by glasses or if you currently choose to wear glasses to improve your vision, then you are a prime candidate for lens replacement surgery. If you are over 40, you are probably already needing bifocal or multifocal glasses. Lens Replacement Surgery will neutralise your hyperopia, so you would not need to wear glasses anymore.

Other than lens replacement surgery, glasses or contact lenses there are no other viable options. Lens replacement surgery will fix both your distance vision and your near vision, meaning you won’t need glasses at all.

Pre-existing Myopia

If you are short-sighted you are likely wearing distance correcting glasses or contact lenses. If you are under 40, options to neutralise myopia including refractive laser surgery.

Once you are over 40 years of age this is no longer a good option as it will not treat your presbyopia and so the laser surgery will not fix your near vision. Your best option then becomes lens replacement surgery. This will fix your distance vision and your near vision simultaneously so that you will no longer need to wear glasses at all.


If you have significant pre-existing astigmatism, you are likely already to be wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses.

The beauty of Lens Replacement Surgery is that we are able to implant what are known as Toric IOLs which neutralise astigmatism, we are then able to treat your astigmatism and your presbyopia simultaneously meaning you won’t have to wear glasses at all.

Pre-existing Corneal Problems

If you have a chronic corneal problem, including corneal scarring or irregular astigmatism, your lens replacement surgery options are limited, however the IC-8™ IOL: Small Aperture Lens Acts like a pin-hole pupil, improving your vision both for distance and near.

You will need to be thoroughly assessed in order to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for this type of surgery.

Pre-existing Laser Surgery

If you have had pre-existing refractive corneal laser surgery, LASIK or PRK in the past, you likely still have good distance vision without glasses, but you may be suffering from poor close-up vision. You are now an ideal candidate for Lens Replacement Surgery.

Pre-existing Glaucoma

If you are currently on eyedrops for your Glaucoma, you are still a suitable candidate for lens replacement surgery.

In fact at the time of surgery, we can implant a device known as an ‘iStent’ which will lower your eye pressure enough to negate the need for drops.

Pre-existing Retinal Conditions

If you have pre-existing retinal problems, in particular macular problems, then you may not be a suitable candidate for Lens Replacement Surgery. However if not a severe macular problem, then we can assess you for EDOF type lenses. Multi-focal IOLs would most likely not be suitable.

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