Find out how cataract removal techniques can free patients like you from glasses dependence. No more glasses on, glasses off!

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It’s Called Presbyopia.


You’re over 40 now. You never needed glasses before, but you do now… and you can’t see up close without them. Your limbs don’t seem to be long enough to hold out that menu you used to read at arm’s length…


You’ve got Presbyopia and you hate it. You hate wearing those damn glasses! Come and see us and take off your readers once and for all.


ilaser vision lens replacement surgery

Lens Replacement Surgery is now available in Newcastle.


The opening of Newcastle’s iLaser clinic now provides residents of the Newcastle and Hunter Region with access to a refractive surgical centre close to home. If you are over 40, hate your glasses and would like to be spectacle-free there is now no need to travel further for Lens Replacement Surgery.


Lens Replacement Surgery may benefit people who:

  • Wear reading glasses
  • Are long sighted with bi-focal glasses
  • Have presbyopia
  • Have astigmatism

Freeing people over 40 from glasses dependence.


Cataract sufferers have been undergoing Lens Replacement Surgery since the 1980’s, and it is regarded as one of the safest and most common elective surgical procedures performed today. What many people don’t know though is that a very similar procedure can help you say goodbye to glasses dependence – getting rid of those reading glasses you hate!


You hit your 40s and suddenly realised you could no longer see as clearly as you once did. Fast forward another 10 years and your limbs don’t seem long enough to hold out that menu you used to read at arm’s length. You are starting to depend on those glasses, that you hate admitting you need to wear. You resent that they are always downstairs, upstairs, in the car or in your purse. You always had great vision and wonder how you ended up here! You likely have Presbyopia.

Come and see us to discover whether Lens Replacement Surgery can free you from glasses dependence.



The iLaser Vision practice is located within The Newcastle Eye Centre at 47 Bolton Street in the heart of Newcastle, NSW. We are dedicated to serving the specialist eye needs of those in the Newcastle and greater Hunter region.

Dr Eugene Hollenbach

Ophthalmic and Facioplastic Surgeon


Dr Eugene Hollenbach is a leader within Newcastle & the Hunter Valley in the field of Ophthalmology. He gives lectures on numerous topics within the fields of Cataract Surgery, Diabetic Eye Disease, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery, and also runs frequent seminars with the public & other health professionals in these fields.